I want to open a second site. Do you offer any discounts for current customers?


If you are currently a Shoppe Pro customer and would like to open a second site, you have several options which will save you money.

1.  Free Setup on a second hosting account -
If you are a current hosting customer (active for at least 30+ days) and want an additional website hosted with us, but you do not want the two sites to share resources, you may open a second hosting account.  For current customers active for 30 days or more, we will waive your setup fee (for new Site Builder Plans only).  Open a support ticket to obtain a special Promotion Code to use at checkout to waive your setup fee.

2.  Addon Site License -
As long as you have an available MySQL database in your current hosting plan, you may utilize one of your add-on domains and have an additional site using the Shoppe Pro Site Builder software installed onto that add-on domain.  The cost for an add-on software license is a One Time license fee of $75.00.  You will still pay the same regular hosting fee as you currently pay; your recurring cost will not increase.  Keep in mind that with this option, all of your websites will utilize the same resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, mysql databases, email addresses, etc.  So make sure that you have enough resources with your current hosting plan to share among two or more sites.  You can also upgrade your hosting plan if you need more resources.  To upgrade, just open a support ticket.  To go ahead and purchase an additional site license, click here to order.  (This option is only available to current hosting customers active for 30+ days).


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