Paypal Upgrade Email

Recently, we have recieved many inquiries about a Paypal Upgrade email sent out.  Site Builder (which uses Mal's e-commerce) is already in compliance.   // Several users have contacted me over the last few days about an email PayPal have been sending out which refers to some... Posted by Mal's E-commerce on Wednesday, March 9, ... Read More »

13th Mar 2016
Thanksgiving Phone & Chat Hours

Phone & Live Chat will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday November 27th and Friday the 28th. Both will reopen on Monday, December 1st, 2014. Our Support Ticket desk, as always, will remain open to assist you with any service issues. We would like to wish a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of our US Customers!

26th Nov 2014
Changes in Domain Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection has, until now, been available for free for all domains purchased through Shoppe Pro. However, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we are no longer able to offer free Privacy Protection. The annual fee for Domain Privacy Protection will be $3 per domain.   This will apply to ID protection both for ... Read More »

22nd Sept 2014
server 8 issues and disk swap

We have been investigating issues on server 8 (host8) today and have found that the /home partition on the server has gone into a read-only state. This means that data can be read from the partition, however no new data can be written. We have checked the SMART data for the drives in this server's RAID and have found from the check that both are ... Read More »

20th Sept 2014
Admin area accessibility on Ultimate servers

We are aware of an issue regarding inability for some customers to access their Ultimate administration areas at this time. We are diligently working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

16th Sept 2014
Accessability problems for some ISP customers

We are aware that there are some of our customers that are not able to reach some of our servers. Rest assured that these issues are NOT directly related to any of our infrastructure. You can test your website here and see that it is reachable by the world. --> You can see the status of all of our ... Read More »

12th Aug 2014
host5 migration 1:00 am - 3:00 am EDT 07/12/2014

The host5 server has recently shown signs of wear and aging in the past several months. We will be migrating the accounts on this server to a newer, faster, more powerful machine. To provide the best possible service to our clients, we must be proactive and complete this process now in order to avoid any potential hardware failures resulting in ... Read More »

11th Jul 2014
Ultimate2 Server Temporarily offline for Hardware swap

Due to software RAID issues on ultimate2 server, the server is being taken offline temporarily in order to swap out a piece of hardware. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated.

UPDATE -  Issues are now resolved and server is back online and functional.

30th Mar 2014
Update regarding DDoS attack on host4

We are continuing to see small, brief DoS attacks on host4. We are attempting to narrow down the site that the attack was directed at. Additionally our networking team is actively monitoring the server and is working to intercept and redirect the malicious traffic before it has a chance to cause any outages. If your site is hosted on server4 ... Read More »

24th Feb 2014
DDoS attack on server 4

UPDATE 02/24/2014 18:13- Server 4 is back online and the DDoS attack has subsided. For customers on server4 (host4) we do regret that the server is currently under a large inbound distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack of size 10Gb/s. The attack appears to have been targeting the server's main IP address. Whether a website on ... Read More »

24th Feb 2014