IMPORTANT: Paypal Subscriptions

If you have elected to utilize Paypal's Subscription option to pay your hosting fees, you are responsible for managing your own Paypal Subscription. Shoppe Pro does not manage or monitor Paypal Subscription activity and is not responsible for errors relating to Paypal Subscriptions.

CANCELLATION - This means that if you cancel your service with us, or switch payment methods from Paypal to Credit Card, you are responsible for canceling your own Paypal subscription through your Paypal account. Shoppe Pro cannot do this for you. Refunds are not granted if you fail to cancel your Paypal subscription.

DOUBLE PAYMENTS - Additionally, if you are an active hosting customer and you find that Paypal has taken a double-payment, WE DID NOT DOUBLE BILL YOU. This means you accidentally created a 2nd Paypal subscription. If this happens, you are responsible for canceling the duplicate Paypal Subscription. Refunds are not given for accidental duplicate subscription creations. This situation is simple to rectify. When we receive duplicate payments generated by your Paypal account, it is applied as an account credit. You should then cancel BOTH your Paypal subscriptions. Payment for future invoices will be taken out of your account credit. When your account credit runs out, you should re-create a Paypal Subscription or utilize our convenient Credit Card payment option in order to pay future invoices.

MORE INFO: Taken from our Terms of Service agreement section 3(f) located here:

"(f) Paypal Subscriptions. Shoppe Pro offers the option to use Paypal Subscriptions as a convenience to the Customer to set up convenient automatic payments. Paypal Subscriptions are an agreement ONLY between the Customer and Paypal and do not involve any agreements with Shoppe Pro. Paypal Subscriptions are 100% managed by the Customer and not by Shoppe Pro. Shoppe Pro cannot cancel any Paypal Subscriptions. Therefore, should the Customer cancel their service or switch payment methods to a different payment method such as direct credit card billing, the Customer is responsible for the cancellation of their own Paypal Subscription through their Paypal account. Shoppe Pro is not responsible for canceling ANY Paypal Subscriptions. In addition, the Customer agrees that Shoppe Pro will not be held liable for any fees incurred by any Paypal Subscription payments, erroneous or otherwise, such as Bank NSF fees, Over Limit fees, or other fees associated with payment methods linked with the Customer's Paypal account, and or any Paypal Subscription agreements between Paypal and the Customer."

How to Cancel your Paypal Subscription:
- Go to your Paypal account, and find the transaction where Paypal sent a payment to us.
- Click on the blue "Details" link. 
- At the top you should see something about a Subscription Payment Transaction ID # and then "In reference to: S-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (where the x's are is your Subscription number).
- You should click on the Subscription Number which should be blue and hyperlinked.  This will take you to the subscription page.
- There will be a gray button at the bottom that says "Cancel Subscription".
- Click that button and Paypal will cancel your Paypal subscription.


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