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 AWstats explained

If you're confused by what you see in awstats, I've run across an article that explains...

 Easy Wordpress Upgrade

It has been reported that the Wordpress Dashbord in the 3.0+ versions of Wordpress have had...

 How can I see my visitor hits and site stats?

Awstats is our favorite program to access your visitor stats. You can access your awstats from...

 How do I add an email account?

View this text-based tutorial   View this video-based tutorial

 How do I change my cPanel password?

To reset your cPanel password, follow these steps: Log into your client area here: Client...

 How to generate a CSR for SSL in your cPanel

Follow these instructions to generate a Private Key and CSR in order to configure your SSL order....

 How to install a GlobalSign OneClick SSL certificate

Installing the certificate After you receive the voucher code, you can install and activate the...

 What is a MySQL database?

A MySQL database is a database used by each application you wish to use on your site. For...

 cPanel user manual and documentation

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