(Ultimate) FlexiChic template customization instructions

To replace the template graphics:

You will need to size your new graphics exactly as listed below, and name the graphics with the same name, using the same file extension. Always use lowercase for the file name and the extension, or it will not work for you.  At the end of this list you will find instructions for uploading.

Here is a list of the graphics as well as the dimensions:

Background image:
This file must be a seamless tiled graphic or it will not display properly.  As long as the file is seamless, the size of the image can be any size.
File name: bg-site.jpg

Header Background Image:

1048px x 150px
File name: header-bg.png

Image Logo:
This file must be a transparent .png file in order to allow the header background image to show through.
500px x 130px
File name: image-logo.png

Social Buttons:
All buttons need to be sized to 62px x 64px.

File names:
Pinterest: pinterest.png
Facebook: facebook.png
Twitter: twitter.png
Cart: cart.png
Blogger: blogger.png

Home page image:
This file can be just about any height, but you want it to be no more than 780px in width.
File name: image-home.png

Featured Image:
This file can be just about any height, but you want it to be no more than 780px in width.
File name: featured.png

Sidebar graphics:
All sidebar graphics are 199px in width. You can go deeper in height if you like. You can add whatever title you like to them, as long as the filenames are as outlined below.

Here is a list of the sidebar graphics you will need:

Shop section: File name: categories.png
Newsletter section: File name: newsletter.png
Profile section: File name: profile.png
Cart Section: File name: mycart.png

Footer background image:

1048px x 74px
File name: bg_wrap.png

To load  your new graphics:

On your left area of your Store Administration, go to

Appearance and Content >
File Manager >
Click here to launch File Manager >
Content >
Skins >

Upload your new images with the Image Uploader, being sure that you have named it exactly as mentioned, Upload file, then save and close the box.  This should overwrite the previous images. If it does not, check the name and extension again.  Be sure that you refresh the page on your browser window when viewing. If you are working in your Store Administration a lot, your browser could cache a lot of what you see on your screen and so a good refresh is necessary.

Logo Customization

If you would like to customize the included logo to match your business name and tag line, order this $10 service:  Flexi-Chic Logo Customization
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