Thunderbird Tutorial (Email Client)

We use and highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for sending and receiving domain based email. Here is how to set up a new account. These instructions assume that you have already set up an email address in your cPanel. If you have not, follow the steps in this tutorial first: How to create a POP email account

Video Tutorial

How to configure an email account in Thunderbird

Manual Instructions

- At the very top, click "Tools", then "Account Settings".
- Click "Add Account"
- Choose "Email Account" and click "Next"
- Next to "Your Name", enter your name, i.e. "Jane Doe".
- Next to "Email Address", enter the email address you configured in your cpanel (i.e. and click "Next"
- Choose "POP"
- Next to Incoming Server, enter "" and click "Next".
- Next to Incoming Username, enter YOUR ENTIRE EMAIL ADDRESS, i.e. "". Note, the default will come up with just "you" but you need to change this to the entire email address by adding "" to the end.
- Click "Next"
- Account Name, if desired, gift this account an alias like "My Email" or just leave it as is., click "next"
- Click Finish (this will close the window)
- To setup the outgoing server, click on "Outgoing Server (SMTP)
- Click "Add"
- In Description, enter whatever you want.
- In Server Name, enter "".
- For the port, you can leave it as 25, although, some ISP's block this port, so I would recommend changing it to 26.
- Leave "Use Name and Password" checked. For username, enter "".
- Use Secure Connection, choose "No" and click OK.

Check to see if you get any errors sending or receiving mail. If you can receive but not send, you may want to check out this article and get in touch with your Internet Service Provider.

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