How to setup a e-mail account in Microsoft Windows Desktop 8

Here is how to connect your IMAP account to the Mail App on Windows 8 Surface tablet or desktop computer.

1) Click or tap the Mail icon


2) If this is your first time using the Mail software, you will be asked to sign into your Microsoft account.

3) Once signed in, Swipe left or press the WINDOWS key and the “i” key on your keyboard simultaneously to bring up the settings menu.

4) Select Accounts.


5) Select Add Account.


6) Choose Other Account from the list.


5) Enter your email address, password and click Show more details.


6) Enter the following details…

  • Email Address = Your full email address
  • Username = Your full email address
  • Password = Your email account password
  • Incoming Email Server = (where is your server hostname per your Welcome Email)
  • Outgoing Email Server = (where is your server hostname per your Welcome Email)

Check Boxes:

  • Incoming server requires SSL = CHECKED
  • Outgoing server requires SSL = CHECKED
  • Outgoing server requires authentication = CHECKED
  • Use the same username and password to send and receive email = CHECKED

Note: To connect via SSL – Enter the hostname for the server in which you are hosted on into the hostname field under Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server field.You can retrieve this server information from your welcome letter or our support team.

7) Lets click Connect.

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