Bulk Editing Prices or Sale Prices

You can use the Bulk Update feature to put your items on sale, or to change the prices in bulk.

Version 3.8x Instruction Video

Version 3.7x Instructions

  1. Go to Cart Settings > Database & Backup
  2. Leave the "Products" dropdown selected.
  3. Check ONLY the "Available" and "Sale Price" box in the checkbox fields below.
  4. Click "Export Database" -->this will download a .csv file to your computer.Open this in Excel.
  5. Once Open in Excel, you can see where you can update the "Price" and "Sale Price" fields.Update all of your prices and sale prices in this .csv and save.If your products are not on sale, leave the Sale Price field blank.

  1. Return to Cart Settings > Database & Backup
  2. Click the "Backup/Restore" tab.
  3. Click "Backup".This will save a copy of the database exactly as it is now, in case your bulk upload goes awry.This way you can return to this page and restore the backup you just took right after your bulk upload if it didn't go as planned.
  4. Upload the edited csv by going to Products & Categories > Bulk Loaders & Automation > Bulk Product Loader
  5. Choose the THIRD option which is "Update existing products only & Do not add new products".
  6. Click "Browse" and select your newly edited and saved .csv file.
  7. Follow the prompts to upload the edited .csv.You should see a confirmation such as "XXX products updated", for instance.Now your products should all have new sale prices or prices that you uploaded with the spreadsheet.

You can also follow this same method to remove your own sale prices, by simply exporting and editing your csv file and deleting the sale price entries (blank), and then re-uploading it via steps under UPLOADING above.
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