Adding Product Attributes and Options

1.     Open the Product (Update) page.

2.     In the Product (Update) page, click Attributes tab to open Add a New Attribute page.


Note: You can also delete the product from Add a New Attribute page. To delete the product, click Delete this product link on top of the page.


3.     Scroll down to Add a New Attribute and enter the following information to add product attributes:

a.     Attribute Name: Type the name of the category.

b.     Attribute Caption: Type the text that will define the attribute on the Add Product page.

c.     Priority: Use priority to have products listed higher within Shoppe Pro Ultimate Cart. You can select this on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is given the highest priority. The higher the number, the higher the product will be listed.

d.     Attribute Type: Select the attribute type, that is, Drop-down, or text input from the drop down menu.

e.     Options (for Drop-Down): If you select Drop-down as an Attribute Type. Type the options that you want should appear for selection on the product page as drop down menu.

f.       Text Length (for Text Input): If you select text input as an attribute type. Enter the text length.



4.     Click the Add Attribute(s) button to add attributes under a product.

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