My Site is Down (Or is it?)

MY SITE IS DOWN! (Or is it just you?)

Occassionally, too many failed email or cPanel logins can cause your local computer/network's IP address to be blocked in the firewall. This will cause your site to appear "Down" for just you, or any computer or device connected to your local network. But others around the world can still find your site. This is a security measure put in place to protect your accounts from hackers.

So before you panic about your site being down, let's check to see if it's down for just you, or for everyone. Below is a handy tool to check if it's just down for you, or everyone:

Click the above link and paste or type your domain name into the box and click "Or just me".

What was your result?

1. It's Just You- This simply means your IP address is probably blocked. PleaseĀ open a support ticket and include your IP address. You can find your local IP address by going here: . We will be happy to check your IP address against the firewall and unblock you if necessary to make sure you can reach your site again. But rest assured, your customers and others not associated with your local network can see and access your site fine, so no need to panic. :)

2. It's not just you! - If you get a "It's not just you!" result, this means there is apparently an issue with the server your account is on. Go ahead and open a support ticket and let us know about the problem and we will investigate the issue and make sure we identify the problem and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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