PCI Compliance

Your customers information is never passed through your site directly.  All of the data collection for payment, ordering, etc is done through Mal's e-Commerce.  They have set up a special deal for Mal's e-commerce customers for PCI compliance.  See Mal's article below:



We've setup a special deal with McAfee/ScanAlert so that users can obtain full PCI compliance for their store if they need to. Generally this just effects those who are handling credit card data, as much as anything its to help you focus on ensuring that you do so in a secure way. However some payment gateways like their merchants to follow PCI program too, even where you don't have direct access to card data.

PCI is partly about technical issues; firewalls, anti-virus software and encryption, most of which we handle. But there is much more to it than that, its also about management; how you choose passwords, what records you keep, where you store data and who has responsibility for it.

McAfee/ScanAlert offer a full service PCI compliance program for Mal's e-commerce users. With their tutorials and self-assessment "Wizard" many merchants find they can complete the program within just a few hours of enrollment.

Click here to enroll at McAfee/ScanAlert now...

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