How do I add a hit counter to my website?

Personally, we do not recommend a counter for your website. Counters look unprofessional and are inaccurate. We recommend that you use the site stats found in your CPanel to see how many hits you're getting, where they're coming from, how long they remained on your site, what keywords they used to find you, etc.

How to access visitor hits and site stats

If you still would like a visible hit counter on the front end of your website, there are several available throughout the web. Once you find one you would like to use, you will need to add the HTML to your template. You will need HTML knowledge to do this. If you do not feel comfortable with HTML, please contact your designer to ask them to add it to their template for you. If you are using a Free Shoppe Pro template included with the system, please open a support ticket, or email the HTML code to and explain your request.

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