(Ultimate Only) - Do I need an SSL certificate?

In general, if you are only using Paypal Website Payments Standard, you are not required to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, although one is always recommended for a secure checkout process.
However, if you are using any other payment method, such as Authorize.net, or Intuit, etc., in which your customer is entering sensitive information such as credit card details through your website, you should absolutely be using an SSL. See this related article: WHAT IS AN SSL?

Do I need a Dedicated IP Address?

In years past, to use an SSL, you were required to have a Dedicated IP address in order for an SSL to be functional. Dedicated IP addresses are IP addresses that are not used by anyone else but you, but they can add a bit of cost ($5 a month paid annually).

Since 2012, new technology (SNI - Server Name Identification), which is supported by Shoppe Pro servers, has made it possible to use SSL on a shared IP address. Most newer browsers support SNI (See chart below). However, some older browsers may not support SNI, which could possibly throw SSL errors when SSL is used on a Shared IP address, (but only for your site visitors who have not updated their browser software on their computers in several years). If you would prefer a dedicated IP address to avoid the potential SSL errors, you can purchase Dedicated IP Address here. Please note that a dedicated IP address needs to be manually configured with your site by one of our technicians and it can also cause a small amount of "down time" while the DNS change from one IP to another is propagating.

Browsers that DO SUPPORT SNI (Dedicated IP not required to support SSL)

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