How to add a Contact Form

Unfortunately, the Ultimate cart does not come with a built-in Contact Us form.  However, it is very easy to add one for free.  

  • Go to and choose a contact us form that suits your style.
  • Click on one and click "Use Template"
  • At the top, click "Email Alerts" and then "Add New Email" and then leave Notification Email checked and click "Next"
  • Next to "Recipient E-mail" enter YOUR email address where you want to receive notifications.  (If you are comfortable doing so, make adjustments to your form settings here) and click Next.
  • If you would like to edit the appearance of the email you receive, feel free to do so on the next screen (Optional) and then click "Finish".
  • Now at the top, click "Thank You" and select the "Thank You Message" option and click "Next".  Here you can edit the message people see when they submit the form and click "Finish".
  • Now you are ready to get the source code for your form.  At the top, click "Source Code" and then copy the source code and click "Close".
  • Now go to your Ultimate Admin area, click Cart Settings > Appearance & Content > Edit Text Pages
  • Click on "Contact Us" and in the Page HTML box at the bottom, Paste the source code in.  Click Save Changes.

You should now have a working Contact Us form page.


It is important to note that jotform allows up to 100 submissions through your form per month on their free plan. If you anticipate getting more submissions than that, you might give this other form generator a try:

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