How do I park a domain? I want 2 domains to point to the same website.

If you want 2 (or more) Domain Names to both point to the same website, you will need to park a domain on top of the other.  To park a domain, follow these steps.

VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE: How to park a domain

First, make sure the name servers on the domain you want to park are pointed to your name servers in your original Welcome Email.

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel

Now let's learn how to park a domain

1) Click the Parked Domains icon

2) Enter the new domain you want to park here, then click Add Domain

Domain parking is useful when you have additional domain names that you want people to be able to use to get to your website

That's it! Now when someone browses to, they'll automatically be redirected to

Be sure to set your parked domain name's DNS settings to the same as your main domain or the redirection will not work

From here you can see a list of parked domains, and you can manage or delete these parked domains from here

You will also now be able to create email addresses associated with both domains.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to park another domain name on your account from cPanel

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