Accept offline credit cards with ProPay

If you are looking for an alternative to Paypal for accepting credit cards on your site, you might take a look at what ProPay has to offer.  We are not affiliated with them in any way, but only recommend in an effort to help you find an affordable alternative to Paypal.  They have a minimal annual fee ($35 - $300), and transaction fees similar to Paypal's Website Payments.  Best of all, there is no minimum monthly amount or any "statement fees" like you would see with a traditional merchant account.  If you don't use them that month, you don't pay anything (outside of your annual fee).  Your balance accumulates in your ProPay account much like Paypal.  When you are ready to withdraw, you are charged a small "transfer fee" ($0.10 - 0.35) to transfer your balance to your bank account. 

One drawback with ProPay might be that there is no "gateway"; meaning there is no way for your cart to automatically process a credit card when an order comes in.  The card data is securely sent to the Payments section of your Mal's account.  You are required to enter your payment password to retrieve the card data.  You must then manually go to ProPay's website to process the credit card.  You will receive a message stating whether the transaction was successful or failed.  You may also process the card via telephone.  This is also also a good option if you sell your product in places outside your website, such as at a trade show or craft show.  That would allow you to accept credit cards away from home or a computer.  Please remember to handle your customer's private data with the utmost care and privacy as if it were your own.

For more specific information, please visit ProPay's website.

To arrange for your cart to accept offline credit cards:

  • Log into your Mal's account
  • Under the "Cart Links" section click "Cart Setup"
  • Click "Payments - Standard Payment Options"
  • In the first field, enter the types of cards you accept separated by a comma (Visa,Mastercard,Discover)
  • If desired, check any of the boxes below this that apply to you (i.e. Collect Card Verification Number)
  • Scroll down and click "Submit Changes"
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