How do I offer product options (size, color, etc.)?

One of the great features about the Shoppe Pro cart is the ability to offer up to 20 different options for each product, with virtually unlimited attributes. For example, lets say you are selling a hair bow. You want your customers to be able to choose the size of the bow, the color of the bow, the clip the bow is mounted on, a center style, a no slip liner, and a gift message. You want it to appear like this:

<< Catalog Screen Shot >>

Enter your product as normal. When you get to the 2nd screen where it allows you to enter options, you would enter the options like this:

<< Store Admin Screen Shot >>

To enter options, follow these steps.

1) Enter the name of the option in the Name field (i.e. "color").

2) Enter the type of selector you would like to use (Text Field, Drop Down, Radio Button, Check Box, Memo Field).

Text Field - 1 single line where the customer could enter text
Drop Down box - a drop down box featuring pre-filled selections that the customer may choose 1 of. This is the ideal selector if you have a lot of options to choose from (i.e. more than 5 color options etc.)
Radio Button - a button that users can select 1 of several different options
Check Box - A box that can be either checked or unchecked
Memo Field - a multi-line area where lots of text can be entered. (useful for larger text options such as a gift message).

3) Enter the attributes for that option (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, etc.) HINT - You may use the "Attribute Wizard" to save time if you are using Dropdown or Radio buttons.

The syntax you would use for Dropdown or Radio buttons would be to separate each attribute with a tilde "~". (The tilde can be found at the top lefthand side of your keyboard just to the left of the 1). Lets say you want to the user to be able to select from Small, Medium, or Large. You would enter your attributes like this:


Or let's say you want to offer Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, but you want to charge an extra $2.00 for the Extra Large. You would enter the attribute followed by a colon (:) and then the price increase like this:

Small~Medium~Large~Extra Large:2.00

This would charge an extra $2.00 if the user chooses Extra Large.

Note: The "attribute wizard" will only let you enter 11 different attributes. But what if you have, let's say, 40 colors to choose from? You would need to manually enter your attributes as described above, separated by the tilde "~".

TIP: If your options screen is only showing space for 3 different options, you can go to your "Catalog Setup" (right side of your store admin), and look for Item Options. You can select up to 20, which will give you 20 available options to enter for each product.

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