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  • I cant say enough, I swiched form another hosting co. and I'm so glad I did!! I'm not computer savvy and with the help of my web designer and the support staff I was able to get by just fine, I've never had such fast respomse time asking for help, If really takes the stress out of trying to figure out all this web stuff!!! thanks to all the people who've answered my tickets, I recommend you to all that I know!!! all the best

    Kelly J. Pink Lily Baby Boutique
  • It was a tough trying to find a new host for my website...there are so many choices- how do you decide? I chose SHOPPE PRO because the plans were competitively priced, great features AND was sold once I read the ABOUT US page. Karina definitely knows what she''s doing and has very impressive credentials. Karina is awesome to work with...ask a question & you get an answer quickly and in terms that an average person can understand. You don''t need to be a computer pro to set up your website with SHOPPE PRO. Good luck to all of you & thank you Karina!

    Stacy Smith Forget Me Nots
  • I have had a lot of stress dealing with other hosting companies. I was treated poorly and getting any kind of useful help or feedback was near impossible. Since I've been with Shoppe Pro I have been EXTREMELY happy! The package I have is not only cheaper but runs better! Their program is really easy to use and very customizable. Their customer service alone is enough to please anyone! Quick responses and friendly service. This company is like a family that takes great care of you and your business! I know I will be a customer for life!

    Heather Gwinn Black Bird Soap
  • Using Shoppe Pro is the best decision when looking for a web host! Karina is timely and very professional with her work. Our site was up and running within a day! The site is VERY user friendly and requires no HTML knowledge. Karina set up the site, configured the email and set up the shopping cart all we had to do was submit our products! Communication is excellent and our site has worked perfectly since it was active! Thank you for making this part of the process stress free and so simple!!!

    Shelly My Little Cuddle Bugs
  • Wow! Using Shoppe Pro was the best decision I ever made when I upgraded my website. I am so impressed with the quick, quality customer service of Shoppe Pro. Every question is answered promptly and you have support the whole way through. Thanks Karina for your help, and making my website setup such a pleasant experience!

    Michelle Baby Blooms Boutique
  • I must say Shoppe Pro is by far the best web hosting site i have come across, i have tried alot of other sites which i was not happy with and had no idea how to set it all up? im very excited to have signed up and look forward to setting up my page!! I found this site through facebook.. i am so glad i came across Shoppe Pro!!! can't wait to get up and running!!!! : thank you so much.

    Shakira Bell Funkie Indie
  • I could not have met my launch date if it were not for Karina! My designer left out of town and I still had some issues with my template/site, without question Karina helped me through those issues and corrected everything right away. She did an absolutely amazing, above and beyond job in assisting me with every single item I needed. Just after I'd submit my ticket for help and then go browse through my website, Karina already made the corrections! She is priceless! A hard dedicated worker like Karina with a passion to help people is hard to find these days and Shoppe Pro is very lucky to have her! I'd hire her with no questions asked!

    Salina Crop Until You Drop
  • I have received amazing customer service from Karina! I am so happy that I chose ShoppePro to host my domain - highly recommend!

    Kathryn Eco Savvy Baby
  • Great customer service! Karina is always extremely helpful and responds to questions immediately.

    Aimee HappyNotes and More
  • I love my new shop! So easy to use. No need to know html. Great customer service too.

    Jennifer Trendy Hair Supplies
  • Good and fast excellent support group from Shoppe Pro. Karina and her team are tremendous. Will whisper to friends to sign up and use ShoppePro.

    Jas Fair Fancy
  • Thank you so much for having such a great and easy to use program! It's a thousand times easier then the other webhosting I was using. The step by step instructions were perfect and easy to follow and I haven't required any additional help what so ever. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!! I've already recommended you to others!

    Amy Vanderbroek Pink Metal Boutique
  • I wanted to express my gratitude to Amanda on the live support line today. Despite the fact that I needed help b/c I am transferring hosts (no offense... just streamlining), she was VERY helpful and pleasant to work with. I'd say she's a keeper!

    Maggie Singleton
    Maggie Singleton Perspectives Writing and Editing
  • I'm so glad I found Shoppe Pro. I looked at so many other web hosts and was let down every time by poor templates and difficult software. Making my website has been fun instead of frustrating. Thanks!

    Lucy Townsend Cloverberry
  • Love, Love, Love this! It has been very easy and Shoppe Pro got my site up very fast!!! Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

    Jennel Posh Mommy And Me
  • I would like to say a huge thanks to the support team at Shoppe Pro. I would say they definately provide quality customer service and go above and beyond!! They are quick to respond to questions and quick to fix any technical problems and explain things until you understand. I would highly recommend Shoppe Pro just because of the excellent support!! Thanks Karina!

    Erin Scrap It Sassy
  • Shoppe Pro is absolutely the most wonderful hosting around! Karina and the gals that help on the community forum are simply outstanding with response time and answer any and all questions...no matter how silly! ha! Uploading products is a breeze and the software is very user friendly. Shoppe Pro is the BEST!

    Regina Moore Miss Gina Designs
  • I cannot say enough great things about Karina and the entire Shoppe Pro team! They provide super quick and friendly customer service every time I need them in addition to an excellent product. I highly recommend them.

    Sonia C. Happy-Go-Baby
  • I can't say enough about how helpful the support staff has been. I am beyond pleased with my choice to go with Shoppe Pro as my site host, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a web host.

    Malinda Outland Outlandish Creations
  • Karina has been great. I transferred from another host and she has helped me from the beginning of that transfer. I can not be any happier. I am so glad I found her and ShoppePro.

    Amanda Abby N Kay Boutique
  • Karina, I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for all your help. I would not be where I am today without you!!

  • I have been searching the web forever trying to find the perfect webhosting solution, but everything I found seemed so confusing. I am a stay at home mom who was trying to sell her crafts on ebay. However, the ebay fees were really cutting deep into my profit to a point were I was not making any profit. I find your web hosting for stay-at-home mom's perfect. Thank you, Thank you!

    Monika The KH√ĄE Company
  • This company is the best! I started my website after buying one from Mr. Site and never could figure out how to make it work. This company has the best customer service ever. I have had no problem with my site and just love how easy it is to make changes and add product. The are #1 on service, value and attitude.

    Cara Valentino Mia Amicas Globally
  • I had my site hosted with someone else and decided to switch to ShoppePro after hearing so many great things about Karina. I''m so glad I did! Excellent customer service!

    Jen Toast With Jelly
  • Sixteen months ago we signed up with Shoppe Pro to launch our small home based business. Our first month we were so excited to get almost 1,000 hits. Now our site processes multiple orders each day and we have around 500,000 hits per month. We love the speed, ease, and uptime of Shoppepro, not to mention the ability to have full access to our data using a varity of tools offered by the site. Thank you ShoppePro!

    Katie & Ginny
    Katie & Ginny Vintage Rose Wraps
  • If you are shopping around for a shopping cart and/or hosting company ShoppePro is DEFINATELY the way to go. From the moment I made my purchase everything has run so smoothly - any questions I had were addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently. Loading products and content is a breeze, and the community support forum is wonderful. I am thrilled to be a part of the community and am grateful to Karina and her team for the level of service they provide - worth every penny!

    Megan Megan Sullivan Designs
  • Switching to Shoppe Pro was the best thing I could have done! It is so easy to use and the demo and instructions are so helpful. Not to mention that Karina is wonderful to work with, when I have been stumped she is there with perfectly detailed answers. Excellent Customer Service! Thank you Karina

    Bretta Grace Bowtique
  • This company has been EVERYTHING we have needed along every step our company's journey. When we first started out we were a little mommy-shop making a little extra cash for the family. But with our superior products and the help and support of ShoppePro we have turned our company into one of the leaders in the industry.ShoppePro has been there for us as our website needs have continued to expand over the years. With the exciting roll out of ShoppePro Ultimate and all the options it gives us in an easy-to-learn format I'm thrilled to be able to continue our relationship with ShoppePro!ShoppePro has always provided our company with excellent prompt, friendly, informative, customer service. I would strongly recommend this company for anyone who is starting out in the website e-commerce world!

    LaNae Petersen
    LaNae Petersen Lacy Bella Designs
  • Karina is awesome! She has patiently and with good humor answered every question I've come up with. The product catalogue is incredibly easy to use and there is a lot of help available through ShoppePro when needed. I've used other hosting and shopping cart services that were a lot more expensive and I have to say I am just as satisifed, if not more so, with the template that I have hosted at ShoppePro. I highly recommend Karina and ShoppePro

    Jennifer Twirly Girl Bowtique
  • Karina was the best. I was so nervous about transferring my hosting over to Shoppe Pro not knowing what I was doing. Karina helped me through each step and was very patient with me. I must have emailed her 100 times and each time she was very supportive and gave excellent customer service and support.

    Nikol Fresh Beauty Studio
  • Thank you Karina! You have handled my move to your hosting in a gracious and professional manner. The level of Customer Service you have provided is outstanding. And not once have I felt anxious about asking a question. I am very happy to have my site hosted at Shoppe Pro.

    Terri Artform Nails
  • Karina has been beyond amazing to work with. I can't say enough good things about her. I have already recommended 4 friends to use ShoppePro & would recommend it to anyone! Thank you so much Karina for all you've done for me & our church ūüėÄ God bless you!!!

    Walt Pasadena Assembly of God
  • Thank you so much ShoppePro. You have made the process of setting up my own website amazingly easy and so affordable. Instructions so easy to follow and I am so appreciative of your helpful and friendly support. AWESOME !!

    Justyne Hair Fairy
  • I switched over from another hosting company to Shoppe Pro several years ago. I started out with the Basic, then switched to the Ultimate. It's been a great decision, I can change things around myself on my site. When I have a problem (because I have absolutely no HTML experience), Michelle always gets right back to me to get the problem resolved. If I want to "chat" with Amanda online to ask her a question, she's also always ready to answer my question. I would highly recommend Shoppe Pro as a hosting company. They have the very best in customer service!!!

    Mindy Pippin Hill Rooms
  • Since moving over to ShoppePro my life has been so much easier! I was previously with another host whose product and service was not even close to what Karina offers. She is amazing. Nothing was a problem, my site was up and ready to go in record time, and any question I had was handled extremely quickly and professionally! Before signing up, I had some concerns about being in another country, however that simply doesn't cause any issues at all. Thank you Karina, you have an outstanding business!

    Naomi Limelizard
  • Well if anyone can make boo boos it is me.. If any one can fix boo boos it is Karina.. haha, I gave her a run for her money on getting me set up here and i thank her for all her patience with me.. Sheila From Arkansas

    Sheila Adkins Faded But Desired Treasures
  • I have been using Shoppe Pro for a year now and I will never switch to another company. This company has the best customer service hands down. I have added a new web design and could not have had a better experience. There was a few glitches but thy worked and cleared up my whole site in a matter of hours. If you have never had a website before- use this company as they will walk you thru your problems and not let you feel like a technology idiot. I can't say enough good things about this group from the two web designers I used and the awesome customer service: its all A+++ miaamicasglobally.com

    Cara miaamicasglobally.com
  • I just love Shoppepro. No matter how many dumb questions I have, Karina answers every last one in a language I can understand! So happy I switched!

    Kimberly Fulton Pistachio Hair Goods
  • I switched over from another hosting company a few years ago because I wanted to have access to my website SEO...(dont know the correct term here, you can put it what word is right). Switching hosting companies was intimidating but switching to Shoppe Pro has been the best decision I have made for my business. I now have 2 websites hosted here; both with their own blog. Shoppe Pro has helped me month after month with questions and support. My rankings have gone up in google since the switch and so have my orders. Thank you so much Shoppe Pro!

    Sabrina Scripture Plates
  • I could not be happier with the service Karina provides. Every question or problem is treated professionally and quickly. Her response time is next to immediate and she has been able to resolve my issues, without making me feel stupid!! I recommend this service to anyone!!! Thank you, Karina!

    Valerie Spelling It Out
  • I have been a customer with Shoppe Pro for several years. I recommend it to anyone who asks me about starting their own business. Shoppe pro answers my¬†questions and the shopping cart and website designs are very easy for customers to use. I give Shoppe Pro 10 stars out of 10! Great company to work alongside with.

    Sabrina Collegiate Ribbon
  • Wow, Shoppe pro is a dream come true for anyone who has ever thought about opening an on-line store, but was intimidated by the pure confusion of hosting and html coding. Shoppe Pro makes it so simple for anyone who does not know anything about building a site, to the advanced users. Whether you choose DIY template to the pre-designed templates, the instructions are written in plain english,simple and easy to read , and when you get stuck, or are simple confused give Shoppe pro a shout-out. Their customer service is incomparable to any hosting company I ever had to deal with, friendly, fast, and they simple take your hand from start to finish.

    Frank Catholic Serenity
  • Moving my hosting to Shoppe Pro has been an absolutely fantastic experience! When I was looking to make the move, Karina and SP came highly recommended. After speaking with Karina, I knew on the spot that she was the right choice. She had me moved and up for business within hours. Karina is super sweet, has wonderful ethics and offers the best customer service around! In my opinion, you will not find better customer service and client support than Shoppe Pro! Thank you for everything Karina!

    Laura The Patriotic Wife
  • I am sooooooo glad I chose ShoppePro!!! Everything has been great! Customer service is the best I have ever received and I am very impressed. I look forward to working with these girls as I grow my business online!

    Danna Unique Scrap Designs
  • I have been a very happy and satisfied customer since 2009. Wow , I continue to be impressed by the enhancements to ShoppePro! Thank you for streamlining the site - the changes have made it so much easier to navigate. ~Thank you!

    Lori Beautifully Baby
  • Karina is awesome! I made the switch from my old host and I''m loving this one! Awesome customer support and lots of great features with this one! I strongly recommend!!

    Traci Miss Priss Creations
  • ShoppePro is one of the best hosting companies there is. Customer service is second to none! Super nice folks and so very helpful, especially if one is a novice at building their site.

    Fred Castle
    Fred Castle Fancy Face Naturals
  • I love Shoppe Pro. They made the process of building my site so easy! They go way beyond what they are suppose to do to help you. They have the gift of bringing a personal touch to a professional atmosphere which is hard to find with most businesses. Thanks Shoppe Pro!

    Cyndi Deans Trois Femmes Boutique
  • I've been with Shoppe Pro for a couple years now and did alot of research before choosing them as my website host. I can't say enough about the customer support that I not only received during the initial set up, but today as well. I am not a computer techy, and the staff at Shoppe Pro have come to my rescue more times than I can count.I work a full time job and sometimes can't get to my site until late at night. When I send a support ticket, I am always amazed and so very thankful that I am able to get the help I need...when I need it.Thank you Shoppe Pro for being there for me. I will never switch to another hosting company, I'm that pleased!!!

    Maureen Goni Nana G Creations
  • I love my website neynamariegifts.com. Thank you so much for making it so easy to have my own website. It is so easy to use and your staff that answers the support tickets are GREAT especially Michelle!. I have recommended Shoppe Pro to everyone!!!!

    Neyna Neyna Marie Gifts
  • As a designer, the host I recommend for my clients is of the utmost importance. Karina has outdone herself, providing speedy, quick and friendly customer service and is always there to help my clients....I highly recommend Shoppepro!

    Arlene Retroboutiques
  • I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I appreciate your¬†knowledge, response and support that I have received in creating my¬†website. As I began this journey I initially sat and stared at the screen¬†in hopeless despair. I had no idea what I was doing, I even had my IP¬†locked out of the system from logging in wrong too many times. Well,¬†through the experience I have utilized your videos, Knowledgbase and forums¬†and have yielded great results. I know I still have a lot to investigate¬†and learn, but knowing that the information and direction that I am getting¬†from Shoppe Pro is accurate and well laid out encourages me to keep¬†improving. I no longer sit down and think, "What am I going to do," but¬†instead it's, "Alright, let's do this!"So, thank you to the team that makes this possible. I really appreciate all that you have done and continue to do. Cheers!

    Sarah Hawkin Floral Riot
  • Simple, affordable, reliable. Plain and simple. Shoppe pro is easy to use and their customer service is above and beyond. Any questions I had ( even ones I could look up myself ) they answered promptly. I thought I was going to have a summer launch but with Shoppe pro's excellent customer service I am up and running in early spring. Thank you to Karina and Michelle for your expertise and patience. Anyone researching hosting companies can't go wrong choosing Shoppe pro. You are welcome to check out my site and see for yourself.

    Denise Star Dog
  • Karina is the best to work with, she is quick to answer ANY question, and very professional. Shipping was a big stumbling block for me and she made the setup a BREEZE. Look no further - you have come to the right place. I would recommend her without question! Thanks for everthing Karina!

    Danielle The Oh So Twirly Boutique

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