See how easy it is to switch to Shoppe Pro!

Nervous about switching?
Will my site be down? Will I lose my email and domain?
Don't worry, we'll help!
In actuality the process is quite simple if you take the proper steps in the right order. At ShoppePro we make it as easy as possible for you to switch your web hosting to us. You’ll be glad you did!
FREE Site Backup Assistance
Find out how we can help move your data for you!
FREE Site Backup Assistance
If you're already using cPanel, WordPress, or many other website applications, we can help you back up your old website data and help you transfer as much as possible to our servers. Just ask!
FREE Shopping Cart Migrations
Already using a similar system? We'll transfer your site for free!
FREE Shopping Cart Migrations
If you're already using a similar system, leave the dirty work to us. We'll back up your existing site, including your images, products, etc, and transfer it to our system. Certain restrictions apply. Not sure if your system is eligible? Ask us for more details?

How to Switch

The Basics
  • Sign Up

    Create a new hosting account with us.

  • Backup

    Backup all of your old files (Optional). Don't worry, we can help!

  • Build

    Build your new website with us

  • Update DNS

    Change your domain name servers with your registrar

  • Start Selling!

    That's it! That wasn't so bad, was it?

How to Switch

The Details
Sign Up

Create a New Hosting Account with Shoppe Pro

Choose one of our affordable hosting plans here and wait to receive your Store Setup email which will contain all of your new hosting account information from us. This will contain a temporary URL for you to re-build your new site with us just the way you want it before you make the switch permanent.


Backup all of your old files. (Optional)

If you have files such as images/logos, etc that you want to keep a copy of on your current site, you will want to back these up onto your home computer. Log into your site via FTP and download all the files from your current website onto your local computer. If you currently have a cPanel host, we can backup your files for you. Just open a support ticket and ask.

Be sure you don’t cancel your old hosting account until at least 72 hours after you’ve switched those name servers. You might lose your data forever!
Configure Email

Re-create any domain related email addresses

If you are currently hosting elsewhere and are using domain email accounts ( that you want to continue to use, you will need to first re-create your email accounts on your ShoppePro server before pointing your domain name servers to Shoppe Pro. This ensures that there is no interruption of email services after you point your name servers.

Build Your Site

Build Your Site

When you receive your Store Setup email, you will find a Temporary Site Address that looks something like this . This is the “direct link”, if you will, to your website administration on our server before your domain has propagated. You can use this URL to work on your site before “going live”. Add your products, categories, and create your pages here first.

Change Nameservers

Change your Name Servers at your Domain Registrar

If you are happy with your site and are ready to “go live”, you are ready to change your name servers. Your Store Setup email should contain your exact name servers but they should look something like this: NSXX.SHOPPEPRO.COM and NSXX.SHOPPEPRO.COM. The place to change the DNS addresses is whoever your domain name is registered with. If you registered the domain name through a registrar such as yahoo or godaddy, you will need to login to their control panel and change the DNS servers there. If it was registered with your old host, you will need to login to their control panel and change the DNS entries there. We have some instructions for common registrars here. We also provide this service for you free of charge. Simply open a support ticket including your 1) domain name, 2) your registrar and their website, 3) your login username and password for your registrar, and we would be happy to do this for you.

Wait for DNS Propagation

Wait for your DNS to propagate

As soon as you change your name servers with your registrar, those changes can take up to 24-48 hours to update throughout the entire internet. Common DNS Propagation concerns: Since you have frequently viewed your website, your own web browser may have “cached” or saved a copy of some of your old site. For this reason, during this time, it is sometimes common for you to watch your site “flip flop” back and forth between the old site and the new site, and sometimes it will even show a “mish mash” with images from both old and new sites. DON’T PANIC! This is only temporary and it will work itself out shortly. It is most likely that it is only YOU that sees your site that way, since your local computer has stored copies of your site that it accesses in an attempt to try to provide you with a faster loading time. If you are concerned, it is sometimes helpful to view your website through a Proxy Server, which is real-time DNS. What you see through a proxy is what your visitors are most likely seeing. Try typing your domain name into a Proxy Server and you will be able to see what others see. Feel better?

Cancel Old Hosting

Cancel your old hosting account

Make sure you wait at least 48 hours for the domain name to propogate. If your domain name is resolving to your new ShoppePro hosting account, you may proceed with canceling your old account.

Don’t wait.  Get started building your new site today.