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    Template for Sale

    Hi! I am closing our store here. I have my OOAK template from Avalon Rose for sale. Is it ok to post it here with a contact email? If this is not ok, please delete and accept my apologies!

    If interested, the cost is $150 (I paid $400). You will need to hire Avalon Rose to put your shop name in the top where our name currently is, unless you know how to do it. She will also install it for you on Shoppe Pro. Avalon Rose told me that her fee to install would be $50. I've attached screenshots of the store. This is for the template only - no merchandise or hosting. The template images are included, but our product photos are not included. Upon purchase, I will email you the files. You can install them yourself or hire Avalon Rose to install.

    We are still using the image of our name (Eleanor Brown Boutique) as a business card, but will have a new design on our business card once the stock is depleted. We will not use any of the other design elements, and they will be yours.

    I discovered that our images are bigger than the allowable size to post here, so we put them all on our site. Please respond here or email me at jennifer@southerndutch. com
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