Hello everyone! My name is Melanie I'm originally from St. Louis but currently live Mississippi. My website is called thetrendygal.com. It is an online fashion accessory boutique for women. I just recently came to Shoppe Pro from 1and1 internet and I am loving it already. As of this posting I am having another template created for me by Polka Dot Dandy and can't wait til it's finish sometime next week. I'll post when it's finished.

Being recently laid off from my job this is a perfect opportunity for me to be selling online full time. I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit in me so I'm like why not make this my fulltime income. It's alot of work, I put alot of time into growing my online biz, but I love it. I've actually been selling, on and off, online since 2005, but I never made it my fulltime income. I used to sell on ebay for 4 of those yrs. So here I am going for my dream, and with the support of my husband, who really believes in me, and the rest of my family I am going full forward!