I am currently hosting with Pappa Shop and my website/email are literally going down every other day for hours at a time (this is after being down for approximately 4-5 days straight last month). Plus when my email goes down a lot of the time any emails that were sent during that down time get lost in never never land.

I initially looked into Shoppe Pro after the first fiasco last month, but thought I would give Pappa Shop the benefit of the doubt. Since I've had nothing but problems since, I figure now is the time to to make the switch.

Before I commit to something else, I thought I would check and see if anyone has similar problems here with their website going down frequently or with emails that never seem to find their way. It sounds like probably not, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to check and see. I'm just so nervous to make the switch and don't want to fall into the same problem all over again.

Also, has anyone on here used Pappa Shop before? Is Shoppe Pro just as easy to use and do you like the service better?

Thank you so much!!