1. You must link back to us on your list of compatible web hosts/compatible carts, and anywhere other webhosts are mentioned (including dropdown boxes, etc).
  2. You may not offer your own hosting or shopping cart
  3. You must have an actual website (not an ebay store)
  4. You may not state a preference or recommendation for any 1 host over another (unless of course you want to state a preference for Shoppe Pro)
  5. You MUST test your templates in multiple browsers, including Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  6. You are required to use the %COPYRIGHT% include code within every template installed to one of our clients, or otherwise code in a link back to ShoppePro.
  7. You must provide complete customer support for your clients regarding any template issues. We will not provide support regarding any issues with your coding or issues arising from errors in your template. We will direct clients back to you if these issues arise.

If you agree to these requirements, please complete the form below. After we verify that you meet these requirements, we will place your banner on our design partners page.  Thanks and we look forward to working with you.